Ray Pierce started his circus training in 1976 on the tightrope and high wire in Atlanta, GA while working at “The World of Sid & Marty Krofft.” His years of teaching gymnastics and trampoline paid off as he took to it naturally, developing his skills on the static trapeze and other circus skills as well.Years later when legendary stuntman and flying trapeze aficionado Gary Littlejohn retired and took down his flying trapeze rig, Ray felt a void in the flying trapeze community so he set up a small rig for friends to practice on, and along with Vicky Roberge and Carolyn Hennesy founded “The Secret Circus.” Secret Circus

“The Secret Circus”

Dream Circus

“Dream Circus at Vanguard”

The avocation soon grew until the small rig wasn’t enough to contain the interest in his teaching. A few years later Ray founded the Dream Circus Aerial Arts School in Hollywood at what is now known as Vanguard. This amazing partnership between Ray and Vanguard founder Jordan Birnbaum paved the way for what is now Hollywood Aerial Arts.
In 2005, Ray moved Hollywood Aerial Arts to the new location by LAX where it continues to grow and thrive, attracting aerialists and instructors from around the world.